Gurumbé. Afro-Andalusian Memories

Documentary. 72′. Color. 2016

Written and Directed by: Miguel Ángel Rosales
Sound: Juan Egoscozábal
Animations & Graphic Design: Kiko Romero
Cinematography: Eduardo Montero
Production: Miguel Paredes
Editor: Andrés Zoilo
Executive Producers: Mariano Agudo, Miguel Paredes
Intermedia Distributor: Natalia de Ancos
Distributor: 3boxmedia


Today Europe’s southern borders are shielded with barbed wire and fences, but once a trade flourished here that forcibly kidnapped thousands of african men and women into exile and exploitation. Giving voice to its Afro Andalusian memories, Gurumbé leads us to question Spanish identity, reminding us that Africa is weaved into its fabric.

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DVD [EXTRAS: ‘Trailer’, OFF Material: The guitarist Tino Van Der Sman and the singer Vicente Gelo musically cross the short distance between the Petenera flamenca and the Petenera Jarocha mexicana; LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese; SUBTITLES: English, French, Spanish]