Since our beginning in 1996, Intermedia Producciones has always moved between reality and fiction. besides documentaries, we have also produced short films (and also a fiction feature film), which made a plataform for new filmakers out of us.

Our efforts to develop quality productions have been recognized with many national and international awards. In Intermedia Producciones, we try to turn our eyes to stories often forgotten, constantly ignored and always uneasy. We try to give these silenced realities a dignified voice, offering a view marked by our aesthetic and ethical commitment.


Horacio, the last mayor

Through the memories of his son, Horacio Hermoso Serra, 92, and his granddaughter´s Adelaida Hermoso, the documentary investigates and reconstructs the arrest and subsequent assassination of the last Republican mayor of Seville.



The elderly Horacio Hermoso reminisce the figure of his father, the last republican mayor of Seville, a deep humanist and aware of the secular backwardness of the country. After the coup d'état of 1936, he was shot at the walls of the Seville cemetery and his body was thrown into a mass grave. Eighty-four years later, the work for the exhumation of his grave began and his memory was brought back to life by his son Horacio, the guardian of his memory.

Thanks to his researchs, historian José María García Márquez, thanks to his research in the Military Archives, will discover documents that will shed light on the life and death of Horacio Hermoso Araujo.

Adelaida Hermoso is the mayor's granddaughter. The opening of his grave makes her interested in the figure of her grandfather, and she begins a journey through different scenarios of the city, in search of answers to the transgenerational trauma suffered by her family.


Mariano Agudo is a founding partner of the Andalusian production company Intermedia Producciones, where he directs documentaries and directs photography. Some titles in his filmography are Presos del Silencio (2004), Guillena 1937 (2013), Habitar la utopía (2014), Boliviana (2015), Samba, un nombre borrado (2017), La búsqueda (2018) and Horacio, el último alcalde (2021). Presos del Silencio (2004), Guillena 1937 (2013), Habitar la utopía (2014), Boliviana (2015), Samba, un nombre borrado (2017), La búsqueda (2018) y Horacio, el último alcalde (2021).

María Rodríguez develops her professional activity at Intermedia Producciones, in roles ranging from direction to illustration, including coordination of the graphic and communication areas. Her work as a director includes Horacio, the last major (2021) and the short films Suigénerx (2019), Fatma y Mamía (2007) and La visita (1998). Horacio, the last mayor (2021) y los cortometrajes Suigénerx (2019), Fatma y Mamía (2007) y La visita (1998).

The documentary is available on the Vimeo On Demand platform.
The documentary begins a series of screenings in different neighborhoods of Seville.
· martes 18 | ENERO | C.C. de BELLAVISTA
· miércoles 16 | FEBRERO | C.C. de ALCOSA
· jueves 24 | FEBRERO | C.C. TORRE DEL AGUA
· viernes 18 | MARZO | C.C. SU EMINENCIA
· miércoles 27 | ABRIL | C.C. TORREBLANCA