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  • Director: Roi Guitian y Mariano Agudo
  • Year: 2007
  • Formato: DV
  • Length: 55
  • Guion: Roi Guitian y Mariano Agudo
  • Producción: Intermedia Producciones en coproducción con producciones Itinerantes con la colaboración de Narmada Bachao Andolan, Abhivyakti, Acción Global de los Pueblos
  • Production management: Marí­a Lobo, Paco Povedano
  • Executive production: Julio Sánchez Veiga
  • Dirección de fotografía: Mariano Agudo
  • Music: Enrique de Justo
  • Montage: María Lobo
  • Documentation: Agustí­n Toranzo


The Development Project for the River Narmada Valley in India envisages the construction of 30 large dams, 135 medium and more than 3000 small dams. This will affect more than two and a half million people, mostly indigenous that not only will lose their homes but also their way of life, being forced to migrate to chaotic slums in large cities. Is this the only way for development? The situation in the Narmada river is an example of the great war of the 21st century:the control of water and natural resources. Co-produced by: Intermedia Producciones, Producciones Itinerantes


«Premio «Agua». XIII Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video Ambiente da Serra da Estrela (Portugal)
Premio de Defensa de los Pueblos Indí­genas. Festival de Cine de los Pueblos Indígenas. Bolivia.

International distribution rights acquired by Documentary Educational Resources, Inc. Massachussets. Estados Unidos.