The End


  • En coproducción con: Prosopopeya y Cómplice Film
  • Director: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
  • Year: 2008
  • Formato: 35 mm
  • Length: 25
  • Guion: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
  • Producción: Julio Sánchez Veiga, Pepe Jordana
  • Fotografía: Juan Carlos Gómez
  • Montage: Iván Aledo
  • Cast: Samuel Roukin, Natalie Press, Charlie Creed Miles, Eileen Walsh, Evie Duncan y Ewan Beattie. Con la colaboración especial de Miguel Ángel Silvestre.
  • Patrocinada por: Fundación CAJASOL, EMASESA-Ayto. de Sevilla, Consejerí­a de Medio Ambiente (Junta de Andalucí­a), Diputación de Almerí­a.


Water is the pure essence of life. Without it there is only death, desert and emptiness. Humanity is heading for suicide if it continues to mistreat its source. Not only by drying it up and intoxicating it, but also by provoking the emergence of the darkest of human emotions. We all carry within us the seed of fear and mistrust, of selfishness, of exploitation, of laziness, of pain turned into destructive anger that feeds back on itself. Everything can slip through our fingers. We can lose everything. Everything. We are creatures who find it very difficult to stop the great impulses that drag us down. The End is a look at our terminal crash. Perhaps in order to remember our beginning, and inspire the desire to reclaim it. Translated with (free version)


Broadcast rights acquired by Canal Sur TV.