Colección Memoria Histórica 6 Documentales


  • Director: Mariano Agudo, Miguel Paredes, Eduardo Montero, Julio Sánchez Veiga
  • Year: 2014
  • Formato: 6 DVD
  • Producción: Intermedia Producciones
  • Graphic design: Ricardo Barquín Molero
  • Distribución Intermedia: Agustín Toranzo


After 12 years documenting the testimonies of the victims of Franco's regime, we publish our collection of Historical Memory. The six documentaries that compose it highlight the value of the memory of our elders for the knowledge of History. The slave labor of Republican political prisoners, the intervention of colonial troops in the Civil War, the emergence of the anti-Franco guerrilla in Andalusia, single mothers in times of dictatorship, the Andalusian deportees in Nazi extermination camps or the exhumation of mass graves, are the topics chosen to compose this special edition on the Historical Memory of the Victims of Franco's regime. The works collected are Presos del Silencio (2004), El Laberinto Marroquí (2007), La partida (2007), La Madre sola (2010), Memoria de las Cenizas (2012), Guillena 1937 (2013).