The single mother

HDV. 60′. JULY 2010

Director and script: Miguel Paredes
Cinematography: Mariano Agudo
Producer: Nieves González
Sound: Daniel de Zayas

Synopsis: The Franco regime wanted to support its ideology on a key column: the family. The subjugation of women in all aspects was essential and a framework of legal, educational, social, family and work limitations was set in order to cut freedoms. For a woman, having a child out of wedlock meant, in that context suffering the most cruel humiliations from a society subdued to ultra conservative Catholic codes of conduct that punished severely any attitude that was out of the norm.

In collaboration with:

Junta de Andalucí­a y la Consejería de Cultura
Broadcast rights acquired by Canal Sur TV.


Imaginera Award a la Creación Documental 2010
Broadcasted in Canal Sur TV