Inhabiting Utopia

69 minutos. HDCam · DCP. OCTUBRE 2014

Director and Script: Mariano Agudo
Sound: Dani de Zayas
Music: Paco Campano
Graphic Effect: Kiko Romero
Sound Mixing: Juan Egoscozábal
Cinematography: Mariano Agudo
Executive Producer: Miguel Paredes
Editor: Mariluz Domínguez
Distribution Intermedia: Natalia de Ancos
Distribution: 3boxmedia


Crisis. Empty homes. Evictions. A cruel triangle and a heterogeneous but solid group, led by women of different generations , that decided to exercise their right to housing and relocate to an uninhabited building that was not their property: The Corrala Utopia. 688 days and 36 families. No light. No water. No fear.


2014 Festival de Cine de Sevilla. Panorama Andaluz.