Sour Strawberry

Betacam Digital. 25′. 2002

Directed by: Mariano Agudo
Script: Mariano Agudo
Director‘s Assistant: María Rodríguez
Cinematography: Julio Sánchez Veiga, Eduardo Montero, Mariano Agudo
Sound: Agustín Toranzo
Editor: Kiko Romero, Mercedes Cantero
Locution: Chaska Mori
Design: Andrés Zoilo


June 10, 2002. 465 immigrant workers enter in Pablo de Olavide University and shut themselves in the building in order to regularize their situation. The immigrant workers organized themselves to get to Seville from different villages of the strawberry producer region, after 6 months in a very precarious situation due to the difficulty in finding a job. The government and the bosses decided to replace them with other skilled workers from the Eastern European countries through bilateral agreements. The North Africans and sub-Saharan workers have been purposely excluded. Getting their claims would open a chance of turning down the current Immigration Act whose main goal is condemn to illegality to all undocumented.

In collaboration with: LZ Producciones