Prisioners of Silence

Betacam Digital. 60′. JUNE 2004

Directed by: Mariano Agudo, Eduardo Montero
Script: Eduardo Montero
Cinematography: Mariano Agudo
Executive Producer: Julio Sánchez Veiga
Editor: Mercedes Cantero
Music: Enrique de Justo, Javi Vega

Synopsis: Between 1939 and 1962, thousands of political prisoners were involved in the construction of the 160 kilometers of the Bajo Guadalquivir Canal, popularly known as “The Canal of Prisoners.” Through the testimony of the relatives and of the prisoners themselves, the circumstances surrounding this colossal work that is part of the recent history of our land are analyzed, providing unpublished data about this unknown piece of history.

Coproducers: Intermedia Producciones, Canal Sur, LZ Producciones

In collaboration with:

Junta de Andalucí­a – Consejerí­a de Cultura – Consejerí­a de Relaciones Institucionales
Fundación El Monte , Caja San Fernando – Obra Social


Best Documentary. Sevilla Film Festival. Sección Eurodoc (noviembre 2004)

Human Rights Award in Festival de Nuevo Cine Europeo de Vitoria-Gasteiz (mayo 2005)

28th of February Second Prize. Consejo Asesor de Radio Televisión Española en Andalucí­a (2006)

Broadcasted by Canal 2 Andalucí­a – Canal Sur, TV3 – TV Catalunya, Aragón Televisión y Telesur (Venezuela-Argentina).

TV broadcast rights acquired by Canal Sur y por Televisión Española (TVE) programa LA NOCHE TEMÁTICA. Emisión Marzo 2009.