Historical Memory Collection 6 documentaries

After 12 years of documenting the victims’ records of Franco regime, we release our Historical Memory Collection. These six documentary films highlight the importance of our elders memory to learn about history.

Republican political prisoners’ Forced labour, the participation of colonial tropps in the civil war, the rise of antifrancoist guerrilla in Andalucía, the single mothers during the dictatorship, the andalusians deported to the nazi extermination camps or the exhumation of mass graves are the selected issues to devise this special edition about the Historical Memory of the victims of Fraco’s regime.

The films disposed are Prisioners of Silence (2004), Moroccan Labyrinth (2007), La partida (2007), The single mother (2010), Memory of ashes (2012), Guillena 1937 (2013).

Design: Ricardo Barquín Molero